Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ads blog

1)I feel that they must contain the actual content of the poll.
2)Understanding the writers purpose will help you interpert.
Coca cola is not the only good coke,coke zero is also good.
Branding value because a company is trying to promote a product.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ad Questions/Blog,Taevon Farmer

A)I believe that it is badge value because a person sees themselves through the yacht as ownership.
B)Rhetorical claim because it's trying to get you to buy a yacht and telling you  that you need it.
C)If they see themselves as socially conscious or want to demonstrate loyalty to a brand staying with the best style and fitting in and keeping up with others.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet questions

1)Romeo and juliet has romantic love as the author suggested in the third paragraph,is it love ,or is it not?And how do I know Margaret Anderson mused that "in real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person."In this famous tale,Romeo is portrayed as impetuous and fickle in his attentions,and juliet is not.(Puka Marseillaise)
2)True love is never having to say your sorry compassionate love is feelings of mutual respect and strong affection to one another,and romantic love is can generate very powerful feelings. The best type of love is true love because in true love you don't have to worrie about the other partner cheating or keeping secrets from one another and both are faithful and loyal.
3)Juliet is more responible with her emotions that romeo,evidence- Romeo is portrayed as impetuous and fickle in his attentions, while Juliet is not.(Puka Marseillaise)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo an juliet

1)Romeo and juliet is a political story because the process of making decisions with a lot of political views.
2)Romeo and juliet fit the structure of tragedy because there is an event of causing great suffering.
3)Going to the theater in shakespear's time there were people acting on a stage in the theater nowadays we watch recorded films in theaters.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Science of sleepy teens Question answers-Taevon Farmer

1)For me what time I go to bed depends on if I need to wait for my dad to get back from work or how tired I am I normally go to sleep at 9or10. Factors that lead to the timeframe,sometimes I might stay up til i'm done texting someone on messenger or if something exciting is happening the next day it's hard for me to sleep because I keep on thinking about it or can't wait for it to come.
2)Because when adolescents do not get enough sleep and have to wake up early,then it leads to kids having more stress,being cranky,adolescents waking up early has a dramatic change in personality and how they feel.

3)It is important to take sleep seriously because as shown in the article an example,young men who only sleep four hours on six consecutive nights,with their insulin levels comparable to early stages of diabetes. Long term sleep deprivation might be an important factor in predisposing people to conditions such as diabetes,obesity and hypertension.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Teens and IPhones(Taevon,Farmer)

1)What I can infer from what the author stated when he said teens make two trips to the restaurant for every one trip to a gas station,so what I infer based on the information given is that more teens are busy all into their electronics than real life things such as getting a job working on school and not checking facebook in class,it seems that the more we advance in technology and the more we come up with new games game systems the more teens are beginning to use them,for some reason when one kid gets the new iphone 7 everybody else has to get it because it's new,me i’m just ok with my phone that I have I don't need a new one,it seems that teens are beginning to become lazy.
2)I worry that the truth of teens if these results are to be believed ­­ is that they have little rebellion in their souls. Their preferred clothing brand is, gosh, Nike. And would you believe that in fourth place came.(Chris,Matyszczyk)
3)The author is worried that their is little rebellion in teens today because all teens nowadays are focused and worried on being on their phones posting pictures on social media playing video games and some act like they can't live without these thing,this is what makes them vulnerable and this is why the author is worried.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Charlotte Protest questions

1. It depends on what the protest is about and how far it goes,for example if there was a protest about a school lunch that shouldn't have any violence but if it has to do with our individual rights or racism then that is different and might be violence,I strongly believe that racism should be demolished and ceased by now color has nothing to do with how a person acts or what they do,I don't get why everybody can't just get along and hang out and not worry about judging a book by its cover. And I do believe it was appropriate to call in national guard because this is only one of many shootings of black males by caucasian cops,not saying that all white cops are racist just talking bout the ones that are.
2.Yes I do believe that protests now are not as effective as when martin luther king protested because he brought people together to help demolish some of racism with no violence at all and the national guard was sent in because people felt sympathy.
3.The city leaders appealed for calm and promised a thorough investigation. But the unrest continued until wednesday.”what we want to do is show were not dangerous’’ he said. “Accountable!”one man shouted repeatedly at the officer. You don't get to murder us and get away with it.”yelled another”