Monday, April 24, 2017

1) The PSA is very effective it shows without a description, but a visual description, of the aftermath of one mistake texting while driving. After watching this video, I would most likely infer that people would think first before driving.
2)This video tells you to not focus on one thing but pay attention to all of your surrounds. This video is effective because it shows a girl wrote on a desk, then a guy wrote on it and replied and they did it every day and on the last day of school, a boy came in with a gun. So the whole time we were watching the boy and girl instead of the boy in the background.

Monday, April 17, 2017

1)Because there is a greater number of dropouts are incarcerated and people with a diploma live healthier lives.
2)75.5 percent out of 4 mil would graduate with a regular or advanced diploma.
 Because it affects what they do after it.
3)They could encourage kids to stay in school and persuade them better.

Monday, April 10, 2017

6 Q's

1) Grit is having to work a little harder for good grades. Grit is needed to boost GPA's and help you achieve your goals grit is your pursuer. I do agree because by being told you are brilliant or perfect puts pressure on the kid and makes them a role model and they try to be perfect on and at everything they do.

2) Gradual progress and consistent effort can build integrity into a person and a great self-image. This is important because it puts you in your proper mind state and with a proper mind state anything can be achieved. Say you're a freshman and want to become a pro NBA player  your goal could possibly be achieved if you are in your proper mind state you won't let nothing or nobody get in your way when teachers ask me what I want to be when  growing up and I say a  pro NBA player they say a realistic goal since I am set on that goal and have my proper mind state I will work hard to achieve it.

3) I feel I am the strongest with grit because I work hard in school until each class is at a B or an A and I work on basketball on the side. I feel I should work on my proper mind state and basketball so that I can and will become a pro-NBA player.

Monday, March 20, 2017

1) It provides opportunity and tells you about how people with better grades will study after school it documented that going to college can improve a person's future earnings.

2) Better grades were also linked to a greater probability of going to graduate school and earning another advanced degree which means more students will be passing and going to college and wouldn't have to worry about too many dropouts.

3)The correlation between high school grades and overall educational attainment was strongest for minorities and African American and Hispanic men are more likely to graduate than whites.

Monday, March 13, 2017

1)I think it's because they are taking it more serious to get kids to college with more structure and that might be a big part of why the percent went up. Talks about some of this in paragraph 4 a military transformation and I can feel the burn sir, those two parts support my evidence.
2)The article is basically talking about how the new ethic they are using to get more passing students and get them to college with military structure and being a Lil more strict.
3)Because it helps them to be successful in school and life what we could do to develop this in south haven is teachers could do good first impressions on kids and develop a good relationship with them and develop a trust with one another then students will be more respectful.

Monday, March 6, 2017

College recruiters

1) I believe that colleges should look at people's social media before enrolling them to get a piece of their self-image and see a little about how the person is, couldn't but couldn't completely use that to see how they are because say if they were angry some of their posts could be from emotions and feeling. I think that they could judge them on first impression.

2) I do agree because all kids worry about now is what other people think of or about them or the latest shoes that come out or being like their favorite rapper.
    Basically, they're being a follower instead of trying to set an example and be and become a good and great role model.

3)The thing is there's a lot of students that care less about what the school is doing but it's not really their fault the school just goes by what they see them do at school and how they act at school without a clue what students are going through at school,you can't just say that the kid chooses to act the way he does you act depending on your environment and where you from and what you been through and that affects your mindset also. Social media plays a big part in this too because most students use social media as a way to express their self and reach out for help. Teachers don"t understand that suspending kids and kicking them out the class all of the time doesn't work they just make it worse what if a family member just passed or things aren't going right at home anything could be going on. Scholls should have people come in that have been through rough situations come talk to these kids who know the struggle and kids will listen more because bringing in law enforcement is a bad choice if we fix these things and help kids get in their proper mind state and let them know that anything is possible and they can do anything they want with an education then the number of students passing going to college will increase.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Paycheck to paycheck

1)A two bedroom apartment is 40,240 a year and rent is  1,006 for rent and divided in half me and my roommate would both pay 503$ each for rent, we both would need to make sure that we pay our fair share and keep the paid.
2)-300$ a month for heat
   -30-50$ for electricity
   -280$ a year for air conditioning
   -20$ a month for gas
   -45$ a month for internet
and so on
3)It could be stressful living paycheck to paycheck EX: the stress of not knowing how if you can afford
 food or pay rent wreaks havoc on your body.